[1] Dilite 94% pure alcohol with clean water to achieve 12-15% pure alcohol and transfer the liquid to the actuator with vinegar micro-organism base

[2] Add nutrients necessary for the growth of micro-organism in appropriate proportion

[3] Oxygen adding machine under the actuator provides oxygen to the micro-organism necessary for the process that turns the alcohol into 10% vinegar in 48 hours
[4] The resulting 10% vinegar is transferred to the storage tank and the 12-15% alcohol is added to the fermentation tank instead
[5] The resulting vinegar is then passed through the filter to remove any residue or remaining micro-organism, a process that takes between 3-4 hours
[6] The filtered vinegar diluted with purified water to furtherdilute the concentration of the liquid from 10% to 5% and the vinegar is retained in the storage tank for further matruing for approximately ten days
[7] The flavour of the vinegar in the matruing tank is enhanced. After this stage, the vinegar is ready to be automatically bottled, capped and packaged for distribution

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