Tiparos anthentic fish sauce give emphasis to quality, cleanliness and safety that primarily aims to benefit the consumers. As a result, It ensure that its quality control consistently meets the required standards. This tireless effort has won the product the number one quality Industrial Standard Product Certification from the ministry of Industry. Of more than 1,000 brands of fish sauce available in the marketplace, only 31 brands were certified and the certification quarantees that Tiparos is acound in benefits and quality.


First Prize :
from the 1985 Food industry Product Contest on the National Agriculture Day Fair, Kasetsart University
Second Prize :
from the 1986 Forestry Product Contest, Fish Sauce Category, the National Science Week, Marine Science insitiution, and the ministy of Science, technology and Energy
Third Prize :
from the 1987 Feed industry Product Contest on the National Ariculture Day Fair, Kasetsart University

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